American Killers – Young Blood EP

(If you like: Wolfmother, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin)  If albums had catchphrases similar to the way movies do, American Killers‘ Young Blood EP would be flaunting the phrase “the louder, the better”. The Sacramento-based hard rock trio deliver relentless, bone-shaking riffs and melodies with an appreciation for ’80s rock, but with a strong gusto of fresh … More American Killers – Young Blood EP

Big Knife Little Knife – Circumlocution

Montreal indie garage-rock group Big Knife Little Knife have released the live performance video for their single “Circumlocution” from their debut Too Many Words EP. Meaning to use an unnecessary amount of words, often to be vague or indirect, “Circumlocution” instead makes a point to reach backwards into ’90s hardcore rock and bring it into a contemporary setting … More Big Knife Little Knife – Circumlocution

A Sight for Sewn Eyes – A Sight for Sewn Eyes

  4/5 Halifax’s music scene is quickly becoming Canada’s best kept secret; from indie rock groups (In-Flight Safety, beauts, Rain Over St. Ambrose), to electronic artists (Ryan Hemsworth), and hip-hop (Cam Smith, Classified), the varying range and magnitude of talent has many Canadian music fans keeping a close eye on the Nova Scotian capital. Adding … More A Sight for Sewn Eyes – A Sight for Sewn Eyes

Refused – Freedom

  3/5 The Shape of Punk to Come was one of the most influential, progressive punk albums of the 1990s; upon its release back in 1998, the revolutionary musical and lyrical style was ahead of its time. It took almost a decade for Refused’s dominant expertise to shine through the standardized blinds of punk music … More Refused – Freedom