Contribution Opportunities

We are expanding!

At the heart and soul of this organization, you will find a passion for music, one that has the artist in mind first and foremost, and the audience right alongside.

Music is about sharing; about discovering; about feeling alive – and we want you to be apart of that.

Dusty Organ is looking for music-loving contributors that know their Fall out Boy from their Falling In Reverse, their Jack White from their Jack Johnson, their Black Lips from their Flaming Lips….

If you are someone who has a genuine love and appreciation for new music and would like to have your thoughts read, heard, and seen by the world, browse our available positions and let us know why you are a perfect fit!

Creativity, dedication, and an eagerness to be apart of a up-and-coming project are a must!

OBGMs (Photo by K.NE)
(Photo by K.NE)


Do you have a lot to say about your favourite artists? Is writing a creative hobby you have been hoping to share to a larger audience? If so we are looking for someone:

  • Capable of producing high-quality, engaging, and creative album, EP, and/or singles reviews on a regular basis
  • To be self-disciplined and complete writing projects on time
  • Who is trustworthy with confidential digital files and access to unreleased music (yes, you’ll have access to your favourite artist’s music weeks before the release date!)
  • Driven to be one step above the competition
  • Eager to help progress the company further with innovative and exciting new ideas
Hey Rosetta! (Photo by K.NE)
Hey Rosetta!
(Photo by K.NE)


Audio-based programming is a fun and stimulating way to connect the audience, artist, and on-air talent together. We are looking to introduce a podcast show (either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – ideas are welcome!) on Dusty Organ to add a new dimension to our content. Contact us if you:

  • Are comfortable with audio recording software (e.g. Adobe Audition, Cubase, etc.)
  • Are knowledgeable about new music and upcoming releases
  • Are professional and opinionated when discussing relevant topics
  • Have previous experience conducting interviews (not an asset)
  • Can commit to a regular production schedule
  • Are open to feedback and new ideas
  • Are brave enough to take on the project of starting up a podcast show!
Hollerado (Photo by K.NE)
(Photo by K.NE)


Do your friends actually like your Instagram posts? Do you have a keen eye for detail, and want to see your favourite artists up close and personal? We are looking for talented concert photographers! Send us a link to your portfolio if you:

  • Own a professional camera equipment (sorry, iPhone 6’s don’t count)
  • Have previous photography experience
  • Have a keen eye for detail
  • Consistently produce high-quality content
  • Enjoy being apart of the live music experience
The Elwins (Photo by K.NE)
The Elwins
(Photo by K.NE)

Dusty Organ TV

This is not for the faint of heart!

We are looking to create a regular online program that is entertaining, interesting, and straight-up fun! Do you want to hangout with your favourite artists? Do you have the perfect idea to become the next big thing in music media?

But first – we need a team!


We are looking for an experienced (not necessarily professional) video team that is enthusiastic and excited to dedicate their talents and work towards a common goal. As the project is in the early stages of development, there is plenty of room for innovative and creative ideas! (Send us a link to previous work if available).

  • Must be experienced in video production with access to proper equipment and editing software
  • Be devoted to producing high-quality content
  • Be a strong team member and be easy to work with
  • Be comfortable receiving feedback/open to new ideas

On-screen Talent

Are you the life of the party? Are you comfortable on camera? Someone will have to talk to the artists and have fun with them, so why not you? We are looking for the right personality for this project, so if you are creative, quick-witted, and excited for the opportunity to build something amazing from scratch, create a short clip telling us why you are the best choice!

If any of the above positions are a perfect match for you, e-mail us at and let us know why you fit the requirements!

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