Tribe Royal – Wasting Time

Tribe Royal

(If you like: The Sheepdogs, CCR, The Allman Brothers Band) 

Ottawa alternative folk rock band Tribe Royal may not have been alive during the ’60s and ’70s, but that doesn’t stop them from being apart of the revival. The indie four piece turn back the clocks with generous harmonies, vintage rock groove, and sing-along melodies reminiscent of the pioneering days of Americana and folk rock.

Set to release their second album Colours of the Sun this May, but before then, Tribe Royal have shared their lead single “Wasting Time”. Incorporating elements of ’60s rock, and ’70s folk into their sound, the new single is perfect for the upcoming summer months and the open road. Built around the laid-back, harmony-fuelled chorus of “Wasting time / day after day”, “Wasting Time” is driven forward with energetic percussion and a crafty guitar solo, as Tribe Royal create bright, summery tunes without needing to try too hard.

Enjoy the single below, and head to their website for more information and music.

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