Notta Comet – Goon Glang (Official Music Video)

Notta Comet
Notta Comet (Photo by Andrew Kittredge)

(If you like: Mars Volta, Deerhoof, Battles) 

Instructions: Take a large handful of experimental, then put it into a blender along with noise, rock, math rock, and a dash of pop, and push “High”.

That is only one way to describe the off-centered rock of Montreal’s Notta Comet. Or you can simply refer to it as “unsettling indie” as they self-identity.

Either way, Notta Comet released their latest musical concoction Embankments EP back in January and have shared their new music video for the lead single “Goon Glang”.

Slanted, colourful, and superimposed shots make up the disoriented yet engaging music video, directed by Max Taeuschel who has also worked with Montreal bands Ought and Look Vibrant.

Combined with the high-speed and artistic images flashed across the screen, Notta Comet go toe-to-toe with their own flailing musicality and aggressive rhythms for a fast-paced, entertaining experience.

Get sucked in with the video below, and head to their bandcamp page to hear more of their music.

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